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Jukss - selforganisation in practice

It is not easy to give a clear explanation about the Jukss. From time to time there are new ideas, experiments and actions which depend mostly on the people being at the Jukss; and this is, what gives it its multifacetet and colourful identity. Jukss is, what you make out of it!

Most important seems to be the selforganized and anti-hierarchic structure on which the Jukss depends. It should include every participant and distribute responsibility.

Jukss - self-organized congress

Around Christmas and New Year, over 300 curious, artistic, critical, political, philosophic Freaks, Punks, Hippies, Eco warriors and "ordinary" people come together for Jukss somewhere between Baltic Sea and the Alps...

...to inform, to discuss, make plans, get new ideas, try utopias, take action, be acrobatic and juggle, to knit and have fun, ... and to change the world!

We try the experiment of living together in an equal, self-determined way. We create a wide frame of possibilities: the program is made by the topics that you consider important. You can make presentations and show movies, bring exhibits and info material, organize workshops and initiate discussions... When we cook together, we create culinary pleasures and philosophize...


Jukss originally means Environmental Youth Congress. Environment encompasses for us the network of social, economical, political, ecological and other circumstances we are living in. To question these circumstances and understand the diverse connections between them are first steps for changing.

Some of this year's topics are: G8/Neoliberalism/Globalization, Environment Protection from below, Direct Action, Animal Rights, Gender Critics, Education and Antifascism.


You can expect almost everything at Jukss, but one thing for sure not: to get a ready-made product - Jukss is living from your ideas and your contributions! Self-organization is the motto. There are no people responsible for everyone and everything - everybody is responsible. Even the logistic tasks are assumed by the participants.

To make decisions, different methods are tried - the object is to find an equal way of finding solutions without forcing anybody to anything.

Wow, your post makes mine look fbeele. More power to you!

Jukss without borders!

Actually, Jukss is a very open event crossing borders of subcultures, generations, movements etc. But in former years there were always very few Non-German-Speakers at Jukss - this is what we want to change now! Of course, diversity of languages and political backgrounds is also a new challenge for organization, decision-taking etc. But we will try our best to make everybody feel welcome and have equal possibilities of co-creating this space.

To be considerate of each other...

is quite important at Jukss, especially to take care of people not feeling good or in need of help. This has worked quite well in former years - to keep it like this, your contribution is needed, too! Additionally there is a First Aid Team and a so called "soul-medic" group that is caring for people who are in a bad situation, psychologically.


The next Jukss will probably take place in a school near Kaiserslautern.


Either around the window between 21st Dec. 2012 and the 3rd Jan. 2013, or - may be more likely - around April 2013.


sleeping bag, carry-mat, flashlight, musical instruments, songbooks, books and info material, material for actions and workshops, exhibits, grandmother's jam and Christmas cake for the Open Buffet...

Please leave your animals at home.



eMail: info at jukss point de


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